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Baal cheat sheet

In the table below, we have a mapping between common equations and the Baal API.


Here are the types for all variables needed.

model: torch.nn.Module
wrapper: baal.ModelWrapper
dataset: torch.utils.data_utils.Dataset
bald =
entropy =

We assume that baal.bayesian.dropout.patch_module has been applied to the model.

model = baal.bayesian.dropout.patch_module(model)

Description Equation Baal
Bayesian Model Averaging \(\hat{T} = p(y \mid x, {\cal D})= \int p(y \mid x, \theta)p(\theta \mid D) d\theta\) wrapper.predict_on_dataset(dataset, batch_size=B, iterations=I, use_cuda=True).mean(-1)
MC-Dropout \(T = \{p(y\mid x_j, \theta_i)\} \mid x_j \in {\cal D}' ,i \in \{1, \ldots, I\}\) wrapper.predict_on_dataset(dataset, batch_size=B, iterations=I, use_cuda=True)
BALD \({\cal I}[y, \theta \mid x, {\cal D}] = {\cal H}[y \mid x, {\cal D}] - {\cal E}_{p(\theta \mid {\cal D})}[{\cal H}[y \mid x, \theta]]\) bald.get_uncertainties(T)
Entropy \(\sum_c \hat{T}_c \log(\hat{T}_c)\) entropy.get_uncertainties(T)


If some equations are missing, please open a PR so that we can make this cheat sheet as useful as possible.